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You know you're committed to change.

You've been doing "the work" for a LONG time. It's part of who you are, and you can't imagine NOT being on the journey of personal & spiritual growth. . . but the truth is that it's lost some of its sparkle.

It feels like WORK.

It's gotten LONELY.

And you often wish it could feel more NOURISHING (or even fun!. . . gasp!)

It often feels more heavy than sparkly, but it's ESSENTIAL, IMPORTANT, and you know you can't stop.

It's a central part of who you are and the life you CHOOSE.

You’re tired.


You’re overwhelmed.


You’ve got passion, but are running out of fuel.


And there are moments (more than you’d like to admit) when you feel like you just want to stop trying so hard and throw it all away so that things can feel at least a little bit simpler, less overwhelming, and lighter. 

RGB GODDEX BKGND-01_edited.png

But you can't.

The nagging is too strong, the desire for “more” won’t go away, and the vision that you keep trying to sit on is just too damn determined.

So. . . 

What if it actually CAN be easier?


What if you can invest less time and conserve precious energy to make MORE IMPACT?


What if you can feel less pressure, feel MORE PLEASURE and still see more forward movement?

What if it isn’t about your mind getting it right or figuring out the perfect logical solution?


What if you didn’t have to figure it all out alone? 



What if we told you that there already IS another way?

a way that is both very new and VERY old (like pre-whitesupremacy culture and patriarchy sort of old). 

Here's the thing. . . THERE IS!

I know, I know. . . hard to fathom, but stick with us here. . . 

We believe in challenging the systems of oppression that tell us “it’s just the way it is”.


We believe in CREATING a new path forward, rather than struggling to climb the ladders that are set up for us. 


We believe in CO-creating a new approach, one that’s rooted in honoring our humanity, reclaiming community (like real community), and truly living purpose in a way that feels Magical.



Is this speaking to that often quieted or silenced part of yourself? 

Then let’s play! 

Let’s rebel! . . . TOGETHER! 

Let’s create a new path toward success, wild impact, support, embodied purpose, and yes, MAGIC! 

THAT is what we do here at Awkward Goddex. We support YOU in moving toward your most wild vision - of work, life, and love in a way that feels more supportive, more pleasurable and more magical than you ever thought possible!  


Let's Rebel Together!

Stay up to date on what we've got cookin' in the land of Akward Goddex by clicking the button below!. . . and you might even get a bonus goodie!

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