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Who are these paradigm-shifting rebels??

Sometimes before we start spending our money and getting cozy in community, we like to know who we are jumping in with.  Here is a little bit about us. . . 


Meghan is awesome!

When Meghan left her life (and comfy identity) as a therapist to step into the wide open, creative realm of coaching, she set the tone for what her life could be.  She has been living out of the box, loving fiercely and courageously CREATING a life and community she loves. . .  and of course, has been supporting others in doing the same.   


Favorite Color: sparkle
Favorite Music: roller skating rink pop/ hip hop
Favorite Hobby: playing with her (too many decks of) oracle cards

Find out more about Meghan HERE.

So is Laura!

There are not many professions that Laura hasn't dabbled in; creative writing, photography, art jewelry, and eventually, after many, many, many...many trainings, and much resistance, she has settled as a "good witch" where she gets to combine her life long love of learning with fun shit like essential oils and energy medicine.  

Favorite Subject: quantum physics
Favorite Show: Murder, She Wrote 
Favorite Pastime:  glamping (camping hair don't care!)
Favorite Sound:  giggles

Find out more about Laura HERE.

RGB GODDEX BKGND-01_edited.png
AwkwardLy Human...Brilliantly Divine

These two heart-centered rebels met in hip hop class, bonded over neuroscience, energy medicine + "grounded-woo", created a podcast out of pure joy. . . and eventually founded Awkward Goddex, together. 

RGB GODDEX BKGND-01_edited.png
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