Are you ready to make your glow-up easy?  
It's time!  Time to move closer to that exciting-terrifying dream (you know the one that won't leave you alone, but that you've been taught is "ridiculous", crazy, too "out there" or impossible). Yep. That one.
It's calling.

It's time to make that change, leave that job, follow that dream, start that business, upgrade your relationship with yourself, or find your person. 

It's time to do the damn thing!

And the good-bad news is that we can only get so far hustling, dreaming and growing alone. Some dreams are just meant to be held by more hands.
welcome to the collaboratory!

The Awkward Goddex Collaboratory is a growthy theme-based, monthly subscription that supports YOU in your unique glow up!

In the Collaboratory, you'll be supported in releasing the patterns, stories and beliefs that keep you small and stuck while reclaiming who you really are, building community, creating inspiring connections AND having a lot of fun along the way (because deep growth doesn't always have to come with a serious yoga voice). 


photo credit: tonl.co

we believe in creating. . . 

NEW definitions of success and NEW pathways toward greater fulfillment, joy and purpose. 

We believe in creating a NEW approach, one that’s rooted in rebellious DE-conditioning and conscious RE-conditioning in order to expand. 

It's time to challenge our comfort zones and inherited "shoulds" to make space for more soul-full CHOICE. . . and we know that it's easier to be brave and rebellious in the company of other heart-centered rebels! 

We believe in the power of community 

 We believe (and quantum science now proves) that when we come TOGETHER with INTENTION, next level change, expansion, and possibility become possible (yes, we're talking the stuff of miracles here!)

We're conditioned by a culture of toxic individualism to think we have to know, do and be EVERYTHING on our own. . . but when we realize that ALONE isn't the only way, we can use the POWER OF COMMUNITY to AMPLIFY our healing, our voices, our reach, our personal power, and yes, even our joy.

Ok, so community is cool, but what is this collaboratory thing, really?

Your monthly investment will give you access to all sorts of things! Some goodies will arrive on your doorstep (yay snail mail!) and others will be through virtual events, community gatherings and digital offerings.

The bottom line is that ALL of it will actively support your growth, expansion, and reclamation of who the f*ck you are so that you can clear the way to grow up, glow up, and do the damn thing! (whatever YOUR damn thing is to do!)

We do the research, gather the inspo goodies, tools + info, and share it with you! Because THAT is our "thing!"

The Goddex Box

Up first on your list of fabulousness is the bi-monthly (every other month) subscription box. We LOVE carefully curated snail mail goodies around here and hope you do too! We believe that where we spend our money matters so we intentionally source from small businesses that align with our values, support underrepresented voices and marginalized communities to bring you a box packed full of goods to help you release your shit, reclaim your personal power, and find a little joy + pleasure along the way.

*See note for international clients

Bomb Ass Community!


We were never meant to do it alone!! Buy holy moly are we conditioned to think we should!

We believe in re"member"ing community as a source of insight, inspiration, healing, and radical expansion. As part of the Collaboratory, you'll have access to a special online community space that will support you in making meaningful connections, provide access to special thought leader wisdom, equip you with tools for practical magic-making, give space to explore deeper questions and MORE! 

Quantum Coaching

 If quantum physics, coaching and a mystic somehow had a baby, it would look something like this. These 90 minute monthly group calls will combine community-based coaching practices with practical healing tools so that YOU can move toward your most wild vision - of work, life, and love in a way that feels more supportive, more pleasurable, and more magical than you ever thought possible!

Awkward Goddex Mixtape!

Music and movement are the foundations of our friendship (we met in dance class). Ancient cultures have long honored the healing power of music, and quantum physics points to sound being the fabric of our reality (yep, for real). The bottom line is that we really love music, we believe in its power, and wanted to share that love with our community! So, with each new bimonthly theme in the Collaboratory, you'll get a new theme-based mixtape on Spotify! Yay, soundtrack to change!

the bookclub

We are nerds.  BIG nerds for growth. We love science, we love the mystical, we love learning and we LOVE books.  It is our goal to find and share voices that help us to expand our awareness, help challenge our conditioning, and inspire new perspectives.

Each Goddex Box will contain a book based on our current theme and the book club community gatherings will be a chance to dive into it. 

Community Glow-up Calls

Learning is super fun, but what is a community without opportunities to also play and otherwise more authentically "human" together?!

We've learned that when authentic humaning is happening, magic isn't far behind.  This is our chance come together like a big block party, a backyard cookout, or sit on the stoop, human together and maybe have a dance party or two... 

ready to do the damn thing?!
Secure your spot now and the Journey begins April 1st!

*A note for our international friends.  We are unable to ship our Goddex box outside of the continental U.S at the moment, but we would love to still have you in the Collaboratory!  Please reach out to us for our international rate at hello@awkwardgoddex.com