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Are YOU Ready to Play?

On this page, find the ways that we can connect and play. 

It's like Choose Your Own Adventure!

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who doesn't need a little money magic??

What happens when we combine asking the right questions, with the power of energy medicine, and the amplification of community??  MAGIC!

And when we apply that to MONEY....

well, watch out world!

Join our awkward goddex community!

Join us in our Mighty Networks space for community, inspiration, collaboration, learning, and maybe even a random dance party or two!


When you are ready to hang up your HUSTLE hat, and truly commit to your SELF, then you are ready to work with Meghan and Laura one on one.  

In these packages, we will combine all of the incredible depth of Radical Magic coaching with Meghan and the tools, tricks, and Alchemical energy medicine with Laura.  

Email us to learn more about our different package options.

Oh yes, you CAN have it ALL!!



need a little one on one time with us?

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