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A magical journey open to any female identifying or non-binary human who is called to create a NEW, more empowered relationship with money.

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Do we really need to say more?!

It's time for us to break out of our social and emotional conditioning around money! And there is no better way to make deep, sustainable and yes, MAGICAL changes than with a wise, diverse and intentional community.

Are you ready to redefine YOUR relationship to MONEY???
What is it?

A powerful combination of asking the right questions + the quantum magic of energy medicine + the natural wisdom and amplification of community.

We will EXPLORE deep beliefs around money both as a society and as individuals. 

We will LEARN about money as a frequency (oh hey "currency") and how to resonate and flow with it.

We will unpack and honor wounding around self-worth to create NEW STORIES that increase your sense of authentic WORTHINESS.

We will look at concepts around RECIPROCITY and the obstacles we can face with abundant giving AND receiving.

And we will work deeply to create EMBODIED ABUNDANCE . . . the magic of moving from just thinking about it, to CREATING it in physical form.

Why is this program different than every other abundance class on the face of this earth??

Because we are going DEEP y'all! (We’re not just saying mantras over here)
Because we are acknowledging that money isn’t the real problem, it’s the systems of oppression and individual traumas that are entangled with it that are keeping us stuck!
Because we are going to GLOW UP our process using Quantum Biofeedback and some real energy magic to move that outdated shit! (Yaaaaaay science-y Woo!)
Because we are AMPLIFYING that money-flavored healing by doing it in bomb ass community!!

Nuff said right?? Who isn't ready to make real deal
money f*cking magic?!?!

The details:

  • 12 weeks (that's 3 months)

  • 2 live Zoom sessions monthly, 90 minutes

  • Money Magic meditations (prerecorded) and group energy support in between sessions.

Of course, this program is priceless but your registration fee of $47 today secures your spot today for our next group in the fall of 2022! You will get a separate email to set up your payments of $297 per month for 3 months.  

AND because we believe that in order to change our collective relationship with money we must be learning from, healing with, and hearing from diverse voices, we joyfully offer diversity pricing. If you identify as BIPOC, we joyfully invite you to participate in this program at the specially designed “Diversity Love Rate” of $177/ month instead of the regular $279.


This rate has nothing to do with perceived “ability” to invest, but instead reflects awareness of our unearned privilege as white women, the fact that access to opportunity and distribution of financial resources is far from equitable and our current culture, and the immense value, wisdom and magic that diverse perspectives bring to any community.


*To access this special rate, simply sign up by clicking the button below and choose the “Diversity Love Rate” when you receive your email later this month to sign up for your monthly draft.*

ready to do the damn thing?!
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