the emergent paradigm
Coaching program
. . . a cohort-based program for paradigm shifters, rooted in community-fueled transformation and collective empowerment.
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Hustle culture and addiction to achieving is something we’ve learned, not something that is essential to success.

Let's face it
Business Meeting
doubling down

on the existing systems, doing it “harder” and exhausting ourselves is leading to more of the same. . . NOT the change we desire. 

it's time

to shift our thinking and our selves to help build sustainable practices that are rooted in emergent leadership, community, and collaboration.

Many of us have been socialized to understand that constant growth, violent competition, and critical mass are the ways to create change.  But emergence shows us that adaptation and evolution depend upon critical, deep, and authentic connections, a thread that can be tugged for support and resilience"
                                              ~Adrienne Marie Brown

Science is beginning to reveal just how connected we really are.

Studies in quantum physics have shown us that beyond the material world of atoms and molecules, there is a whole world of energy and interconnected waveforms that adhere to a totally different set of scientific rules.

And, what's even more exciting is that these "new rules" offer space for all sorts of new stories, beliefs and approaches to creating expansive change! Yay science!

Scientist with Microscope
the science of community
  "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."- Nikola Tesla

humans are meant to be in community. 
Research shows....about isolation....

Quote from Survival of the Friendliest

Research into the "blue" zones around the world delivered 4 pillars of vitality: diet, exercise, sleep, and healthy social support structures. 

Science is showing that community is actually the basis of survival and that the individualistic thinking the dominates our culture leads to extinction.

It is time to put this new science to use!

It is time to move from the realm of the (I)ndividual to a new paradigm
of the holy

Co-creating, Co-elaborating, and Co-munnity

with leadership classes, programs, and trainings that promise a different outcome but adhere to these same outdated principles.  

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you have been
the word leader

in its very nature implies a follower.  Let's not try to redefine the word, let's rebel and create a new way of being.

Support Group
some fabulous somfing from some lady boss

let's create radical community that allows for true transformation & collective empowerment.

Let's gather the tools to uplevel personally and professionally, and amplify our reach through relationship.

Group Students Smilling
Let's rebel together!
It's time!
  • to create deeper relationships

  • to release the shit that keeps you small and stuck

  • to make more money (yes, it's ok to make money y'all!)

  • to amplify your reach

  • to choose a NEW model of leadership

  • to live unapologetically "YOU!"

  • to find more pleasure

  • to embody activism

  • to do the damn thing!

The emergent coaching program
Is about challenging the "expert models" of growth, untangling ourselves from our culture of prideful independence and using a blend of quantum science, pleasure activism and mysticism to create a foundation for exponential change on an individual and collective level
let's do radical communityship

This 6 month cohort based program is by application only.  We are looking for creatives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, paradigm shifters, heart-centered rebels and people ready to step out of the current paradigm and shift into a new way of doing it, all of it, life, love and career.  Email us here for an application.